Bring families like Farid’s out of crisis and into wholeness.

Dads like Farid* are in financial crisis and don’t know how they’ll survive.

“You can imagine,” he says, “if you’ve got two very young kids, your wife is not working because she’s caring for them, and you don’t have any money in your pockets... I couldn’t pay my rent. I couldn’t pay my other bills.”

When COVID hit, Farid had to stop operating his taxi business…he couldn’t cover his rent and the bills were piling up.

Then the lease termination letters started to arrive.

Farid’s family was on the verge of losing their home. 

“It looked like it was dark everywhere… I was looking for some help.”

You can provide that help to families facing desperate times. Your compassionate gift will help provide a parent like Farid with urgently needed food and financial support. So they can pay their debts, provide food for their family and stand on their own two feet again.

Please give generously today.

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*Name changed for privacy reasons.